Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In the Beginning...

Being the beginning of the school year and the beginning of this year's Writer's Club, we started with the lesson about beginnings.

In the beginning of a story, you can add a prologue to give background with the world or some of the characters.

The beginning can also have a hook, to draw the reader in. The hook must have a problem, raise a question, have something unusual, and/or make a promise.

Something to be sure of, it is best to include the character, setting, and conflict in the first page.

The beginning should be simple, and make enough sense for the reader to continue reading smoothly. You need to introduce everything that you need for the story in the first chapter. And you need to start when things start changing. You need to start when the story starts.

Important Information: There will be no Writer's Club next week!


  1. Another thing: unless you are doing a first person, you should never put: my name is duh-duh-duh and something-or-other about that person.

  2. I agree that if you did that and you weren't writing in first person, that would be a point-of-view violation.

    Be careful about saying the word "never" when it comes to writing! Try and make a hard and fast rule, and you'll probably find a best-selling book that breaks it.